2017 is in my grasp….

Hope everyone is well and ready for any festivities. I am looking forward to a fairly quiet day bar pot washing, cooking, and kids toys everywhere. Its one of those years we are still adjusting to new wage etc so cash tight, so our treat to each other (me and hubby), was a joint venture and necessity. A new mattress. Old and practical aren’t we. The thing is at this moment, I don’t need much either. Already had my treat of seeing Travis at the o2 Academy this week with my brother, and wow it was AMAZING. Yet again, I had got in early enough to be front row, and so glad. Here is a picture or few!!!


Yes he was a person away from  me on one of his trips to the audience. It’s great that a band want to get in with the crowd and appreciate their fans. I was in awe hehe. I think the pics say it all about the gig. Hope they come back to Sheffield next time!

The day after this I went to that appointment at the docs regarding my chances of getting the big bad C in the future. Ok the figures sound slightly daunting, the normal lifetime risk for a person with no family history is 12 percent, mine and my sisters due to the family history now rises to around 31 percent. Meaning we will get referred to talk to experts, who can monitor us in the future. The 5 to 10 year risk is on 1 percent, so the immediate future isn’t a huge worry, and as the doctor said, there is still more chance of not getting it than getting it even at 31 percent life risk. So waiting for a letter early in year or so, to go and chat to someone more in depth. I am so happy as I do not want my kids to feel this way as I do about my mum right now. I do not want them one day being scared to death that their mum has a death sentence looming. Because even my brother has opened up to me on our night out, and you know men don’t air emotions. He too is so scared of what is ahead, and that helps me in a way knowing we can support each other. As I say “Breast to be safe than sorry” regards us ladies in the family now. Mum wants me to join her at one of her Ashgate Hospice appointments one day, just to see the place, and hopes it will ease our worries. I guess it will but it will also drive home the facts a bit more. But I am happy and willing to see these amazing people who are doing so much for her already. This situation may not be one thing we can change in 2017 like everything else, but I must make the best of things.

So what else to say, oh yes…… sales are coming up and I need to get a nice dress for the Avon Presidents Club do in February, plus on the craft side, stuff for the kids craft club and storage for adults crafting bits. Should keep me busy.

I have contacted my clients in S20 Admin, doing the usual end of year emails, plus to the fingers crossed future clients of 2017 I have been liaising with. Sadly this week I got nothing done. I forgot to tell you another sodding cold has plunged at me, this time more a head cold than in the throat. Had it all week and slightly pee’d off with it now.

Ruth shocked us last night, Owen is at his Grandad’s house for 2 nights, and she insisted on sleeping in his bed instead of her “baby” bed, she now wants a big girl bed. So the plan is bypass the toddler bed stage and plump for a standard single like Owen’s as will out last a toddler bed. My big girl is growing too fast!!!

Not much more I think, next week is another kids are off mayhem week, but hope to get some work done next week, specially whilst no Avon to sort or Candles on order. Hopefully these germs will do one before next year too. I do love New Year alot more than Xmas, it’s just exciting and feels to me like a a fresh year and a fresh chance to better things (which WILL happen).

So if we don’t speak before then, Happy New Year folks, enjoy the fun stuff, and here’s to a successful 2017 x


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