A plan put in place!

Evening all!!

As you may recall I mentioned about seeing the GP regarding referral for checks Breast Cancer wise, due to the family history. Well…. I got to see a Doctor at the hospital today, so it was a quick referral indeed. I am SO glad I did too, was only a swift appointment to say the least but we had a good chat about the family history, etc, and what to do.

Yes there is an increased risk for myself and my sister, not on the ultimate high risk level but enough for them to grant the need for monitoring from a younger than normal age for screening purposes. Meaning, instead of the 50-55 age range to start screening, at 3 year intervals, it will be yearly from the age of 40. Which is only 3 years away for me from July. Obviously we have one relieved Mum, who now knows we will be keeping tabs on things, and taking no risks. Plus they mentioned when I am more in the 50 age range, the option of taking Tamoxifen as a preventative measure, due to a slightly higher risk level. So there are things out there for me and my sister.

All I can say to anyone else out there in same situation, with some family history of cancers is…. get the medical profession aware of this. Granted, if you are to get it, it will happen, but this way you can at least try and catch anything that could happen in the bud at an early stage.

Do not ignore the facts or wing through life thinking your invincible!

Will I be making sure I get those annual checks?? YES

Will I consider nearer the time of 50 years old or so, taking the offer of Tamoxifen as a preventative treatment? Of Course!

I love my family and value my life, and will try my hardest to make sure the big bad C does not get a foot through that door.

That’s all I have to say 🙂





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