Who does a diary anymore these days? It got me thinking, as I was reading my Nan and Grandads from the 1980’s yesterday. To be honest I ended up in tears like a soppy woman. Mostly due to the fact I was drawn to reading the final diary my Grandad did leading up to his death from Bone Cancer. But from the days where we got him writing about his daily toilet movements, to his days where it was about endless appointments at hospices and hospitals, it got me thinking. If it wasn’t for such documents we wouldn’t be able to try and grasp how people thought or got by in the past. Today it is all about Facebook, but that post you put up 5 yrs ago will not be able to be picked up and read in the future! Maybe its a thing that should trend again, a written document of your day, not just a quick online post or a diary that just has your appointments written in.

I can imagine my Nan and Grandad sat in bed at end of day, each pen in hand, with a last brew of the day, both writing out their own accounts of the day. Really sweet to be honest. It got sadder as it went on with Grandads, the last 5 days leading up to his death especially. The amount written in decreased, the handwriting became so different and messy, and on on his final day he was obviously drugged up to the eyeballs to know what a diary was. Then in contrast my nan’s tone changed in hers so much. That entry on the day he passed. “Bad Bad news” as though she was ready but shocked. And then the countless how am I going to cope comments over the following weeks. Yes its sad and it is my fault I ended up blubbing, but it helped me in a sense, to grasp hold a little more of the situation we are facing now as a family 30 years later.I will be reading happier times from before that but was strangely drawn to that moment.

That’s the problem these days people don’t open up and write down (on paper) how they are feeling as much as they should. One day such things could help future generations, and let them see how their predecessors lived. Communication these days is so overrun by technology and quick posts which don’t hang around for long. Saying that as I blog!

The only reason I have family history documents and family tree bits, is because they came from a generation where things were documented in a way that meant we could preserve and keep books, diaries, photos and so much more. Luckily my Grandad liked to document everything too. So glad he did!

So I say lets bring on a revived trend of writing a diary, it would really help you mentally too I think, empty the mind of bad stuff and stop it milling around when it comes to needing sleep!


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