ICO, Oh I See!!

Well you learn something new everyday (thanks to help of networking and communication). So basically a client and contact was discussing my hourly rates and how I need to charge more. Which is going to happen, I am doing a slow price rise already after our conversation. She also brought up being ICO registered. My reaction being “ICO?”, so off I run onto google and discover it, and its importance.

For those who are like I was earlier it is to do with holding information on clients, and customers, aka Data Protection.

So off I go and register, if its important for the business, and making sure I get better jobs then so be it. Now, upon filling in the form, answering the questions etc, I came across a list of the businesses that are supposed to get registered. Interestingly, Avon Rep was on there! Now in the 4 years almost, that I have been with them, they never mentioned this, and I presume it flows out to other selling/MLM/team building home businesses too. Which made me think, how they reel you in, with the whole its free to join etc, but forget to mention the extra hidden costs such as ICO and registering for tax returns. Now I hear about saying registering with HMRC, but ICO, never heard a peep about that one. Spoke to my TL in Avon, and she said TL’s have to have it yes, but never had to tell a rep to sort it. We all as reps or TL’s store client or customer information via computer records or order forms, so rightly yes we should register. This will be same for all MLM businesses in reality.

Luckily I am not interested in setting up in another MLM/Sales role as the VA business is top of the list.But, this whole learning curve has highlighted the hidden things these companies fail to inform you about or leave in tiny small print on paper work, leaving you to work it all out yourself. Be aware of those hidden costs, these opportunities may be FREE to join to a point, but there are rules and regs they fail to guide you towards.

Here is the ICO website for UK businesses, it has a questionnaire that you follow to see if you need to register.



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