Spring is here at last…Hooray!

Thought I would pop by and say a quick Hello.

Life has been a bit crazy, but I am amazed how much my “winter mood” has lifted since Mr Sunshine has started appearing and Spring has started showing signs. I feel a little more energised and positive. Looking forward to tidying up garden this coming week, maybe then I can work in the garden over summer! The joys of working from home I guess.

Mum is still in same state. Pain, appointments, check ups at docs and the hospice, and monthly calcium infusions. On a good note got her a mobility walker at a bargain price, which she loves. They are away on holiday for a week soon. They all need it. I seem to have passed the moping, woe are us stage regards Mum, hit the acceptance button, and moved to practical planning mode. How do we make sure the place is ready and comfortable enough for her when it comes to stage where the cancer spreads and paralyses her from waist down, due to the area the main cancer is. Some people may think that a depressing thought, but its reality and we have to embrace it. What I worry about more is how will I keep it all together for everybody after she passes, that is my one scary point now. Staying strong for the family is how I generally work. But how I will do it, no one knows until the time occurs. And if anyone says well at least you know its going to happen, believe me, knowing is worse. There is a tiny ticking time bomb at back of our minds taunting us, and it is torture some days. But we are one of many families out there facing these trials, so must never feel alone.

Craft wise you will have seen my latest completed piece in last post. Now I am addicted to new stitch project. Plus after reorganisation of desks, I have crafting space again, in the kitchen this time.

I am attempting to recruit for Darceys Candles after much thought. My Avon is at a nice happy level and needs no extra attention so to speak so why not. I already sell the candles and know the products, so looking forward to trying this part of it out. Plus the bosses are amazing and approachable.

Anyway as I write this I am enjoying a well deserved glass of wine, looking at the schedule for the week ahead. One word……”Busy”. Yes the Admin business is growing, and I couldn’t be happier with that. New clients, ad hoc clients, returning client, regular clients, what can I say but I worked hard to get them and now its a case of maintaining the working relationships and getting a good reputation.

Craft Club is fab as ever, new members, fab company, lovely cakes and a bigger storage cupboard (which was desperately needed!). Kids craft club still has to prove itself, last week we finally had a good turnout, but previously was very poor. Also if I am to work for one of the Admin clients most Mondays which may be on the cards, I may have to rethink it. I will know more on that in the next week or so.

We seem to be on plan with other general stuff though, all hubby’s holiday dates sorted for next financial work year, a few appointments to sort for Ruth this week. Hearing test as speech therapy do it is general rule for all patients for files, and to sort her booster jabs appointment out too. Now that one I will need moral support with…. needle phobia! I can not take her on my own as will be useless. Oh and we have her SEN review at school this coming week. So 2 to sort and one set in stone already. Joy of being a parent 🙂 .

Well that’s me signing out. The chill out music has wound me down mentally and I need my pit! One wonderfully busy week ahead!

Night all!




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