Whats your Motivation?

So, last night I was winding down and thinking about how things have gone so far. What changes I have made compared to last year on how I channel things and work. And I am basically amazed at how Focus is the driver to making things happen.

As you may know I tried all kinds of “opportunities” last year and let the heart take over the head so to speak. There was no clear viewpoint and goal. So in December I ditched the projects which I didn’t need. Looked at those which I loved and wanted to follow, then prioritised these. In the end I narrowed it down to 4 things. Avon (runs itself almost), Craft Club (again a self runner), Darceys (a small part time work in progress), and the main goal….. S20 Admin.

Since focusing on growing S20 Admin, from January and keeping a clear focus on things, it has proved the right path to go down. The other 3 ventures run fine, and are things I love. The VA business is growing at a nice rate to say its been 3 months now.

It got me thinking about my motivation for all of this. I see it as a pie-chart in my mind, with a picture slapped in the middle of my family. This is the core of the chart, the beating heart of it all.  Whatever else is around this core is all for them and has its perks of making me feel a better human at the same time, especially confidence wise. It means a lot of organisation, and keeping my mind in check but worth it.

-I will not allow these ventures to drown out the core of why they are there.

-I will not let these things become a chore or something I no longer love.

-I chose this path, and failure is not an option!

So what is your motivation/core for what you do? Do you have  a vision or goal? And how do you keep to it?



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