Battle of the Bulge

So lets go back a few weeks, things were feeling tighter. Weighed myself and had got to a miserable 14 st 2 lbs. No wonder I don’t like what I see in the mirror.

Anyway rejoined the gym, and 2 friends have joined up too. Started over a week ago. Since then did 5 hours in gym which included a Personal Trainer session, and pushed myself.

I have discovered Battle Ropes and the Metal Sled! So much fun. And RAN on the running machine in intervals. Now another friend says I have to go to local park every Saturday I can depending on Simon’s shift and do 5k with her. Can run, jog or walk it!

Anyway importantly my goals are as follows 11st and looking like i did 8 years ago in Fuerteventura!

Weight start: 14st 2lb
Todays Weight: 13st 11lb.

So true that all you need is exercise and better food.


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