Run Fat Girl Run

So it has been a month or so since the return to the gym, and I decided to take a big step forward and try running whilst I was at it too.  This involves early mornings on a Saturday! Now I am not normally a morning person and would never have had the confidence in the past to even run, never mind do it in public.

My weekends now start with a 5k Park Run, and in between them, I am training on the treadmill in the gym. Plus the competitive beast is now appearing. Week 1 I was happy with a time, where I fast walked…. first PB being 47m 33sec. I was last but hey I did it.

Last week, even in the heat, I wanted to make sure I was not last, and I had to beat the previous weeks time. New PB 45m 23sec. And whenever someone went in front of me, I found myself thinking how dare you and getting back in front. This was with interval running… alot more than first time.

This week I have been perfecting my timings. And making myself run more than walk. The great thing is my body is getting used to it and I can run on the treadmill now too without holding on for dear life. Todays 1k time was 8min 37 sec, which is great as could do it in 10 minutes last week at the gym.

So what has made me love running suddenly? I am amazed at how I have got back into the swing of things with the gym, but now after trying running, I have found a new fun focus and something to train for. Weight loss wise, I am so far at 9 lbs, as it seems I have hit the stage where the loss slows down whilst fat turns to muscle. It must  be working as things fit a little better and I am seeing a bit of a figure starting to appear.

It is also about controlling what I eat, as it is so true that we are what we eat. So it is a case of exercise, and eating well, and again is working for me. There is no miracle or speed cure, so if it is a slow process I do not get down as I know from the past it goes in peaks and troughs.

This week has been the school holidays so the usual morning sessions have been messed up but managed Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Run coming up Saturday, then back to the gym on Monday!

I will keep you posted on my times etc,  and hopefully will get that PB closer to 30 minutes over the next few months.



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