Another month gone??

Time is going way too fast, seems ages since the last blog. A fair few things been happening since then.

I am getting….. a figure…. yes a waistline!!! Plus the upper assets have shrunk (sorry hubby but they needed to!). The lower stomach is slowly getting trim, leaving just the middle half deflated tyre wobbling about. I am loving running still, and can go for ages compared to before solid running. The weights have been upped and I am once again working on the stomach now the Sciatic area is behaving (thanks to the Personal trainer and his magic stretches).

In a few weeks we are off for a country retreat to North Wales, and I so need it. I have even planned the running routes, laminated and printed too. Plus walked through it as such on Google maps satellite view. It looks fab, and there is a coffee shop at the village next to the beach….. Perfect!

That brings me to another new trick I discovered. Have an Espresso straight before a workout if going first thing in morning. It gives me the perfect energy boost for a good long workout.

On a different note, it has come to almost the end of the school year for my littles! My tiny girl is transitioning to Reception class over the last 2 weeks, I cannot believe she is almost full time. Owen is on last few weeks of Y2, and has come home with glowing report, bar a snidy dig that him being off for final week will bring him just under national average for attendance, yet will still be above the needed level for the school individually. I knew they wouldn’t like it but at least I have been honest. It is a one off, and they do nowt in last week anyway!

It will soon be holiday list time….. important things include Cameras’s and needed bits, cross stitch (still working on the folks anniversary present!), and running gear. Plus the laptop for editing and picture saving reasons. There is no wifi so no work that week!

Mentioning laptops….. my dear Asus is terminal ….. yes the “S.M.A.R.T status bad, back up and replace” message has been coming up every boot up for a few days now, and it has been randomly crashing saying error occured then reboot needed. I can say I have now a new lovely laptop as couldn’t risk it with needing one for work. I am waiting for the Asus to now give up the ghost before going to my brother to be refurbished and then that will be kept as back up laptop for emergency reasons ie work if needed. Owen thinks otherwise bless him, but no it is still mine! I was shocked however that my “won’t charge up” notebook Asus, actually charged fully last night, after I did a reset etc. Technology for you….. confusing and annoying at times.

The garden is as always doing OK. The lilies have been part successful, one pot had hidden slug babies in it, so yeah, it was decimated. I have some that have flowered though, and mother nature has provided the needed water for my plants the last few days.

It was our 7th Wedding Anniversary last week. Which meant, a meal out with no kids!!!!! Yes, my brother offered to babysit for a few hours, and shockingly the house was still intact when we got home. But on a sad note this week also is the anniversary of losing my little angel baby, been 5 years to the day since I miscarried, and yet still I remember and think of her. I can’t not do or say something in commemoration, as I feel I would then be “forgetting” her, and I think of her in a nice place now, so there is a hint of positiveness in their these days. She looks after my mountains for me! Then a week on Monday I am 37, ie, over the border from mid 30’s to late 30’s. Funnily it doesn’t bother me near as much as it did when I turned 30 (which I hated). In conclusion lets just say June/July is an up and down period. Good memories, bad ones and this year a holiday which is needed for us all.

Anyway I am off, all prepped mentally to catch up on work tomorrow due to the computer problems which meant nothing was done last few days. It is also BBQ time tomorrow. I best sort some veggie kebabs out.

Have a good weekend, whatever you get up to.

H 🙂






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