A Marathon Challenge

As you know, this year I have been getting back to the Gym etc. AND strangely become addicted to running and doing distances on the treadmill! Since August already I have done 5km for Alzheimer’s, a 10k Night walk for the local St Lukes Hospice, and done some pushing in general on normal workouts. So when I realised Children In Need was approaching that light bulb of insanity once again switched on and I felt the need for a challenge. Yes 10k was a good distance, but how about this time covering the mileage of a MARATHON, in as little amount of sessions on the treadmill as possible.

So the seed was set and I started on the 30th October (6 days ago). In true Helen spirit, I have taken this challenge by the horns, and made sure the 3 sessions so far have been good chunks out of the 42.2km needed to cover.

Mon 30th Oct 8.2km

Wed 1st Nov 9.1km

Fri 3rd Nov 9.6km

This means after 3 sessions only 15.3km left to cover and the challenge will be achieved by the 8th Nov and will have taken 5 sessions. Which for me is great.

There has been no hard fast rules on pace I do it on the treadmill. I find mixing things up keeps it fun. For instance session 3 involved a mountain climb, where instead of ramping up the speed, the ascent increased. Followed by a few km running after getting back on level ground so to speak.

I am still looking for sponsors/donations via my JustGiving Page https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/helenstreadmillmarathon where you can donate as little or as much as you wish to. All goes to Children In Need and those little ones and vulnerable young people across the UK. Being a mum myself now makes me even more focused and I do think how would I cope if that was my child in need, how would I feel. So please help with this good cause. No doubt I will be giving myself another crazy challenge for another good cause, maybe next time for Macmillan instead of hosting a Coffee Morning, do a fitness challenge where others can join me?? Or for the local hospice where my Mum goes.

I keep the JustGiving page updated with my progress after each session. This weekend is rest time before getting back to it on Monday morning, which I can’t wait. On a plus side my legs are obviously getting used to the increased distances, as the day after session one I could barely walk, but after session 2 and 3 I have had no problems. I do love it when the legs behave, it is for charity after all.

I will be back and updating on here when I have passed the 42.2km mark, completing the challenge!!!



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