Marathon Update

So, as you know (if you read my last Blog post) I have been doing a Treadmill marathon distance challenge.

Well the good (no, GREAT) news is that I did it!! I finished it Wednesday Morning. In total I did 42.4km, so threw in a token 0.2km on top of the marathon. Only because I am a perfectionist and had to round up the 6.3km left up to 6.5km to make it a rounder number. Anyway, it feels so good to know I have done such a distance in only 5 sessions. Ok it put stops on my usual gym sessions for a week and half but they are back on from Monday. Its worth it.

If you would have said a year ago I would do this challenge, I would have said don’t be stupid!! But….. for me it is not only fun to raise money for those who need it. I also am achieving personal goals and personal bests.

So is this me done now. No! Far from it. I am already planning and researching what I can do next year. This includes getting outdoors and exploring the countryside on my doorstep more as well as the gym challenges. I would LOVE to do Snowdon and Ben Nevis, but funds and distance from here aren’t helping that. There is the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge (1 day, 3 peaks, 24 miles), which I am so tempted to do. Also looking at more local walks in Derbyshire and the Peak District, as well as any Sheffield walks. I live very close to the Trans Pennine route, so that is another option to explore. As you can probably see my head is spinning with ideas!!

I am definitely doing something for the hospice who look after my mum next year! So need to contact them too! They may have some things I can join in with too.

So there we go, this year end I have gone for it, slowly going from 5k for Alzheimers, to 10k walk for St Lukes Hospice Sheffield, to a Marathon for Children In Need all since September. And I still want to do more, just need to plan for 2018 now!

Bear in mind I hadn’t been in a Gym since I fell pregnant (with Owen who is now 8), till this May. Plus I am not the slimmest person in the world and nearing 40. It shows WE CAN DO IT.  If we try and work to our own personal limits and abilities, anything is possible. So get out there and try something 🙂




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